Holistic Living and Medicine


This web page approaches life from the perspective of Wellness. Wellness is the subjective experience of living Health; knowing intellectually and intuitively the Oneness, Simplicity and Ease in the midst of diversity. Absence and reduction of disease is only a by-product. Our animal and plant friends know and live this naturally; our association with them helps to remind us of our own connection to the All. It is out of this oneness that Holistic Medicine (as well as everything else ) arises. It is from this newly awakened perspective that the once mundane is seen eternally refreshed and made whole.

On this web page you can find documents on medicine, animal heath, animal behavior, and life in general. Animal and human, medicine and health, relationship and change are woven together in the wonderful show of living; ever changing and reforming as life itself. Animal dis-ease as well as disease in general comes from three basic areas:

  1. A lack of wholesome fresh nutrition.
  2. A lack of human understanding of the animal and human role in life.
  3. Over-medication.

Adjusting these three areas of activity will greatly enhance Life's ability to express itself more clearly as designed.

Life express disease in an attempt to throw off something not wanted. Giving the system added vitality will enable it to rebalance itself at higher levels of integration. Germs do not cause disease; if they did everyone and everything would be sick and die. Even from the perspective of the germ this would not be good. Germs are physical indicators of an underlying imbalance and their growth in areas of weakness call attention to the imbalance, giving the system as a whole a chance to rebalance at a higher lever. Successful rebalance is seen by the disappearance of the germs. While antibiotics may rid the system of the majority of the germs, they do not cure the underlying imbalance. A healthy immune system keeps the body balanced without medicines.

As a result of taking care of the system as a whole, symptoms of disease disappear by themselves, and there is a greater feeling of Wellness. Expressing this quality of Wellness is the natural by-product of all genetic structures, and is common to all life. It is seen as greater vitality, greater settledness, clearer eyed and enhanced responsiveness to the events of daily life. Darkness (disease, dis-ease of any kind) is but over extended focus on what is not wanted, seeing a perceived lack and assuming it is real. When what is not wanted is gazed upon, even in the name of not wanting it; it grows. It grows within us and we are reminded of it around us. Conversely, when we see the positive, that must grow as well. Our attention is the flow of life itself, moving through the mind, senses, body and environment. Only in a sense of separation (observing anything without noticing this flow) is the fertile ground for disease propagated. Our animal and plant friends are always in this flow of life itself. Their separation is in the physical body alone. Their knowing of their complete heritage and unmistakable connectedness to mother earth is not forgotten and it is in their knowing of this that many of us humans find comfort, emotional well being and a truly caring companion

The study of disease does not enhance Wellness. Disease can be likened to shadows; exploring the nature of shadows will not make them go away. In fact , giving further attention to them can make them seem bigger than they really are. Though analysis of disease is a wonderful intellectual exercise, studying shadows can never bring the light necessary to remove them. More specific information concerning the human companion animal relationship and animal care from the Holistic perspective is available in Documents.

Holistic Veterinary Medicine is provided by the Fairfield Animal Hospital. Our approach is to enhance Wellness; not to attempt to fight off disease. Approaches encourage the strengthening of the immune system and inherent living force within. The medical modalities we most often use are:

  • Nutrition
  • Homeopathy
  • Flower Remedies and
  • Traditional medicine